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"AI and social networks are an invaluable resource for humanity, but care must be taken not to misuse. University professor Francesco Pira says

ROMA, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Interviewed by Soft Power, the Italian Blog of Public Affairs (, the sociologist and professor of communication and journalism at the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations at the University of Messina, Francesco Pira, warned against an improper use of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, because the algorithms on which it is based can alter the perception of reality.

"The power of the algorithm - declared Professor Pira - modifies the perception of reality, alters the congnitive bias on the basis of which I define the frame and attribute truthfulness to the contents to which I am exposed. This creates a manipulation that has deep effects on the cultural and cognitive models of individuals distorting the mechanisms of building trust and credibility. The polarization of public opinion generates violence and fear and crystallizes opinions and positions, making the work of debucking and reconstructing credibility based on the search for objective truth difficult. Bauman himself points out that modernization has led to the prevalence of economic democracy over the democracy of culture, transforming it into a mass industrialized market for culture, thus taking away tools for interpretation and reducing more and more the space for the creation of a collective culture in favor of a "cultural" consumerism, as a result of the breakdown of social ties, of content increasingly "bite and run".

"The social networks era - continues Pira - has changed the language and the management of interpersonal relations. Over the course of the day, we have many more social relationships than social ones. We have many tools at our disposal. And we adults are following the younger ones in the digitization of feelings, in the window dressing of any performance. We get to know each other in chat, we communicate through apps of all kinds. We need to document everything we do, every moment, with an almost frantic rhythm. We look for listening, friendship and love on social networks. We hope that someone will share our post, a thought, a maxim, a photo. We wait for the like or the little heart. It is the full gratification of what we have written or thought about, or even copied. Words are increasingly replaced by images. Before, friends were told what had happened, what they felt, emotions, quarrels, today it almost seems that if you do not produce a story on Instagram to document what we are doing or happened, we are not credible or recognizable.

A meticulous scholar of the works and thought of Zygmunt Bauman, Professor Pira met the Polish sociologist, philosopher and academician personally on many occasions. "I had listened to him many times. I have read all his books, I have seen all his television interviews. He is undoubtedly one of the authors most cited in my texts together with the fathers of sociology. He was one of the very few smokers with whom I shared (passive smoking) more cigarettes in my life considering the time spent together. Of course I didn't always share his thoughts, but I found every one of his reflections to be the result of in-depth study. Each of his phrases had a reference "link", and generated further insights and new research. Today he joined his beloved wife: this will make him happy. To us who have studied and esteemed him, he leaves an unbridgeable void. I jealously guard one of his books with dedication. He deals with the theme of identity like few others have been able to do.

The full interview is available at

Italiana: Clarissa Burt and Rita Romano's natural recipe book is out

ROMA, (MERCURPRESS.IT) - The book "Italiana. Gluten-free natural cuisine" by Clarissa Burt and Rita Romano for EIFIS Editore is available in bookstores from today. You can buy the book from Amazon now by clicking here

Over 50 recipes, all Italian, from appetizer to dessert, simple and affordable for everyone, to bring to the table all the goodness of Italian cuisine with the lightness of gluten-free. Recipes suitable for families: bruschetta, pasta, soups, risottos, focaccia and delicious desserts.

A fine selection of gluten-free recipes that do not preclude the taste, texture and appearance. Many recipes also vegetarian and vegan to be able to satisfy every request. Directly from Hollywood a healthy, light and 100% Made in Italy cuisine.

Clarissa Burt is an actress/producer/director, writer, author, public speaker and model, with hundreds of television and film credits. She began her modeling career at 18 with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in Manhattan. She moved to Milan where she immediately appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines including Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. He has shown on the most important catwalks in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York and Japan. She has been the face of important cosmetic companies including: Revlon, Dior, Carita, Helena Rubenstein.

She has starred in over 20 films including "La Storia Infinita parte II" by Warner Bros and "Caruso Pascosky di Padre Polacco" of Italian production. In 1999 he founded the "Clarissa Burt Media Group", producer of various television programs including the national live broadcast of "Miss Universe" "I Laureus World Sports Awards", "Quizzauto" and "Behind the scenes with the Miss".

Also on the radio, his show "Clarissa Burt Talks" was a great success on Voice America and World Talk Radio. Beauty Editor for international magazines such as The LA Fashion Magazine, Fashion Faces, and Runway.

Co-author of the best sellers "The Rise", "Off the Coast of Zanzibar" and "Stickability" with Greg S. Reid and is presented in the book "Women without Barriers" by Dolores Seright. Women's advocate: In 2016 Clarissa launched T.E.N. The Envelopment Network Media for Women - Clarissa has now launched her brand on QVC in Europe.

Reputation is the key to any good strategy of companies and CEOs, The Ghost Team founder Roberto Race says

ROMA, Saturday, July 6, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Quality content has returned to the centre of every Reputation strategy or stakeholder engagement activity. You cannot improvise or be superficial. Credibility is the expression of the company's values. These are the key elements of the message that a manager must be able to convey to the outside world. Organizations and company leaders are becoming aware of this and are also paying attention to contexts that, until a few years ago, concerned only institutional figures. And it's not just a matter for those who deal with public relations or communication, but it has now become a priority for top management and for top management".

Roberto Race, eclectic and innovative advisor for corporate advocacy and corporate strategy of companies and organizations, doesn't use any meanings.

In an interview given to Soft Power, the Italian blog of public affairs, he declared "Today, as the Senior Vice President Italy & Switzerland of Reputation Institute Alessandro Detto explains, silence is no longer an option: companies must tell each other about what they are and their role with respect to the society in which they operate, and therefore for the positive impact they produce.according to some analysis of Reputation Institute, today stakeholders and consumers reward companies that recognize genuine in what they say and represent. Transparency and authenticity, therefore, become characteristics that have a great impact on the reputation of companies. The objective of leadership, therefore, must be to safeguard this growing expectation of quality content in order to strengthen the emotional bond (reputation) that today influences choices and behaviour towards the company itself (from buying its products/services to the propensity to work or invest in them).

Not just sushi: Japan is the king of meat, one of the most prized in the world

ROMA, Tuesday, June 18, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - When it comes to Japanese cuisine, the first things that come to mind are salmon or tuna sushi and ramen, which crowd the tables of Eastern restaurants in Italy. In fact, the true Japanese culinary tradition goes far beyond simple rice with raw fish, it is rather a philosophy, which pays great attention to the aesthetic preparation, but also to the balance of macronutrients, according to the dictates of macrobiotic cuisine developed for the first time in the early nineteenth century in Japan, which is still one of the foundations of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine.

The attention in the search for ingredients finds its maximum expression in the typical Japanese meats, of which the Hida-wagyu beef, new star of the Japanese market, is considered among the most prized in the world. Taki, in the Roman quarter of Prati, one of the very first Japanese restaurants to open in Italy, and a faithful ambassador of Japanese tradition, plays a leading role as the only official importer for Italy of Hida-wagyu certified meat. To obtain this certification, breeders must respect very strict and restrictive rules, which regulate every aspect, from breeding to preparation for sale of the meat obtained.

"We have noticed that in Italy many people know about Kobe meat, even if they have often never had the opportunity to taste it, but almost no one knows what Hida-wagyu beef is, which, instead, is considered by the Japanese as one of the best meats of their country. - Yukari Vitti, Japanese by birth and Italian by adoption, Taki's Restaurant Manager, said. - It is a meat that already has in its name a strong reference to the country of the Rising Sun, because Wa means Japan and Gyu means Beef. Its peculiarity is the free-range beef, firmly rejecting the use of intensive farming. The hida-wagyu beef is born, raised and prepared for sale in its own country of origin, Hida, surrounded by the green Japanese Alps, where nature is still untouched and the farms are mainly family-run.

The production process of this type of meat is based on meticulous research and selection of the best cattle. It is intensely marbled, that is, inside it is characterized by veins similar to those of marble, represented by the unsaturated fats of which it is rich, which are evenly distributed evenly at the muscle level, rather than remaining only in the peri-muscular and subcutaneous layer, as in all others. The result is a meat that is very tasty in every point and incredibly tender.

"In our menu, we propose this type of meat in some of the typical dishes of my land, such as nigiri wagtu, rice with thin strips of cooked beef on top, but also the classic wagyu steak on a plate or skewers on embers. - Yukari continues. - But what most distinguishes us is the Shabu-Shabu, a characteristic Japanese dish that recalls a Swiss way of cooking in vegetable broth, and the Sukiyaki, stewed in soy sauce and vegetables, exceptional dishes that remind me of childhood and adolescence in Japan, which, although here are unknown, are real ambassadors of Japanese cuisine.

Taki is in Via Marianna Dionigi 56/60, next to Piazza Cavour, in the Prati district.

MepLaw: the Italian Law Firm that promotes the excellence of Made in Italy in the world

ROMA, Tuesday, June 11, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Unlike other countries, such as the United States, in Italy there are few law firms that have a vision of the "managerial" profession that allows them to expand their field of action beyond national borders. Among the few exceptions, there is MepLaw, a 100% Italian Law Firm that has been able to successfully project itself abroad.

The Firm was founded in 1987 by lawyer Luigi Maggesi. In 2009 his son, lawyer Fabio Maggesi, an expert in international law and the web, began to give a new look to the Law firm. After several professional collaborations on the European scene, he decided to open the London office with lawyer Lorenzo Macchi, already an expert in Common Law and maritime law. He then acquired his first non-EU law firm in Izmir, Turkey.

Today MepLaw has offices in Rome, London and Izmir, and can count on about 30 Italian Desks around the world, where at least one lawyer who speaks Italian perfectly works. Thanks to this consolidated reality, the firm represents an important support for the numerous Italians living abroad, whose number is always increasing. In the United Kingdom alone, there are about 700,000 Italians, the number could be higher if you consider all those who have never registered at the foreign registry office.

"Our modus operandi has allowed us not only to obtain a specific positioning with respect to other studies, but also to become a point of reference for our compatriots living in the United Kingdom, Turkey or neighboring countries, who often have to deal with a different regulatory system, made even less understandable by language barriers.

One of the firm's short-term objectives is to open two new offices: in the United Arab Emirates and in the USA. In 2020, then, will start a recruitment campaign at the current offices (2 in Rome, 1 in London and 1 in Izmir) which now have about 20 practitioners including Partners and Associates, who will be employed in the new facilities in Dubai and Miami (city where the firm is already present with Italian Desk). At the same time, a campaign has been launched to promote the Italian brand at a global level, in order to establish strategic partnerships with local Law Firm already structured in different continents, so as to increase the number of Italian Desks and increase legal services even where MepLaw is not yet present with a physical office.

We will protect my Stradivari from the signs of time thanks to nanotechnology, Mauro Ivano Benaglia says

ROMA, Friday, June 7, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - An extraordinary Stradivarius violin will be treated with nanotechnology to preserve it in the future. This is what the orchestra director Mauro Ivano Benaglia proposes, who plays the instruments of the famous Cremonese luthier during his concerts.

The research was started in the laboratories of a company based in Milan called "4ward360".

4ward360 CEO Sabrina Zuccalà will present the project in October at the Italian Chamber of Deputies during a conference where all the highest institutional positions will attend, and on that occasion there will be a performance with the famous violin.

"We are studying and evaluating, in agreement with the owner, the possibility of making interventions with nanotechnology on a Stradivari violin, which we have exclusive concession for our concerts around the world. This is the first time that a "work of art" of this kind is treated with these materials, so we have chosen the leader in the sector, a company based in Milan, and we are sure that they will give us amazing results and we will be able to preserve the precious musical instrument from the deterioration of time, saving even for maintenance over the years". Says Mauro Ivano Benaglia.

Mauro Ivano Benaglia is the internationally renowned conductor, founder and president of the Accademia Concertante d'Archi in Milan, which he has conducted in the last 30 years in the most important national and international theatres. For the conservation of the violin, he contacted Sabrina Zuccalà, a successful entrepreneur and managing director of 4ward360, world leader in the field of world heritage conservation, who has restored and preserved several sites of considerable international importance, and who will deal with the study for the conservation of the Omobono Stradivari. informs and assists Italian companies and citizens

ROMA, Saturday, June 1, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Seven years after the enactment of the Italian Law 3 of 2012, renamed "Salvasuicidi" Law, most Italian people who are over-indebted ignore the tools available to them to get out of that nightmare. To denounce this is Gianmario Bertollo, one of the leading experts in Italy on the subject, who has created a portal of legal information and accounting assistance dedicated entirely to deepen and make known these tools,

Even today, in fact, more than a decade later, the consequences of the terrible crisis that hit the economic and financial system of the world in 2008 do not seem to have been completely mitigated. Millions of entrepreneurs and private citizens forced over the years to incur debts to pay the bills, entering a dark vortex that seems to have no way out. With the Law 3/2012, the Italian Government has introduced a series of procedures to combat the phenomenon, procedures, however, which have not been properly communicated and therefore unknown to the majority of the population.

"Most of the large creditors are banks, large financial institutions, the State and Equitalia, it is not surprising, therefore, that the procedures to support over-indebted people have not been sponsored with too much emphasis. Just think of the fact that until the beginning of 2015 it was almost inapplicable, and only after an almost complete rewrite was it possible to arrive at the first homologues or liquidation decrees. - Bertollo comments. - Unfortunately, I am well aware of this situation, since years ago I experienced it on my own skin, but getting out of it is possible, if you know how to do it. For this reason, together with a network of professionals operating throughout Italy, I decided to create, because the situation in Italy is still dangerously critical. Just think that we receive on average 1,000 requests for assistance per month, from all areas of Italy in which we are present, by people who are in a state of great difficulty.

Recent research, in fact, speaks of over 2 million families in a state of irreversible over-indebtedness in 2018, other 500,000 do not fall into the first group for a few hundred euros. As a result of all this, there are real estate executions: over 245,000 properties were auctioned in 2018 for a total value of 36.4 billion euros. To see the house confiscated means to feel the sacrifice of a life taken away, to lose all certainty and the safe place in which to seek shelter, to seek hospitality for oneself and one's family, to have the impression of having lost one's dignity.

In the light of all this, one wonders, how many of these companies and families, if they had known the existence of such a law, could have solved their situation before arriving at what seems to be a point of no return?

"It is possible to get out of the nightmare. Since we started the draft law3 , more than 400 people have relied on us and we are carrying out the procedure in the various courts of Italy. For one of our clients, for example, we have allowed a saving of 1.4 million euros in debts, which he had mainly with Equitalia. But this does not mean that Law 3 is a parachute for everything. - Bertollo adds. -It has to be said that these tools are reserved for those who cannot access bankruptcy procedures. In addition, you should not have done the shrewdness intestando assets to relatives or friends diverting them from the assets on which creditors could retaliate and you should not have contracted debts already knowing that you would not have had the resources to repay them. Over-indebtedness must have unpredictable and unintended causes. We must therefore deserve access to the benefits of the Law".

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