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Comau’s e.DO robots play a leading role at the Fondimpresa Forum

ROMA, Tuesday, September 17, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Comau will participate in the Forum "The future of knowledge, companies and workers in transformation", which will be held at the Confindustria Technical Auditorium (Viale Tupini) by Fondimpresa - the inter-professional fund of Confindustria, CGIL, CISL and UIL. The event - from September 18-19 in Rome - is an opportunity for Comau to let the public know and experience the potential of its new technologies for teaching, following its approach called HUMANufacturing (human manufacturing), which puts the worker at the center of the production system and of the transformation that characterizes the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is an important opportunity to show how training is fundamental to keep up with the evolution dictated by the digital transformation. Thanks to this initiative, 500 representatives of institutions, business and education have the opportunity to learn about and use the e.DO robot. They will come together to take on an interesting technological challenge that will allow them to understand how robotics can be compelling and easy to understand. During the day, Donatella Pinto - Comau Head of Human Resources - and Ezio Fregnan - Comau Academy Director & HR Training Manager - will give a general presentation about Comau. Following, the competition, for which Comau provides 50 e.DO robots, will begin for 500 participants divided into work groups of 10 people. Each team will be given an e.DO robotic arm and a tablet, which acts as a control interface. Participants will be provided with brief, simple instructions on how to move and program e.DO. Teams will be invited to write a program to have the robot move simple objects, with the aim of trying to find the best solution among the many possible. The video of the execution of the program created by each group is sent to a Comau jury that will award the team that has achieved the best results. Donatella Pinto points out: "Comau is proud to talk about some of the most innovative and successful projects of the company in the context of an important event, promoted by Fondimpresa. Strengthened by a long and consolidated know-how in the industrial field, characterized by over 45 years of presence in the global market, Comau feels the social responsibility to contribute to the spread of a "human-centric" corporate culture and technological knowledge, thanks to the collaboration of companies, universities and training institutions, but above all thanks to young people, who are the real drivers of the digital transformation taking place." “We are proud to have Comau bring a technological challenge that will involve our guests for our 15 year celebration. Too often, technology is perceived as something distant from us, but it is incorporated into unsuspected aspects of our daily life. The participating companies now know how to use their resources effectively, but the challenge that awaits us, and which we do not intend to lose, is to accompany companies and workers in the digital transformation process that makes skills related to technological innovation increasingly necessary and the creation of new tools that allow the financeability of these training interventions,” says the President of Fondimpresa Bruno Scuotto.

International legal training program with CLE credit assignments

ROMA, Monday, September 16, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - From next 23 September, at 9:00 a.m., until 25 September at 12:45 p.m., an international legal training program will be held at the NH Hotel Giustiniano (Via Virgilio n. 1, Rome).

NIABA/IALA members are invited to attend a unique legal program in Rome, for which California-licensed attorneys may apply for CLE credit. (CLE credits may be available for other states also.) Our schedule includes six lectures in English by Italian lawyers, dealing with topics specifically selected for U.S. attorneys who have U.S. clients needing legal assistance in Italy.


Monday, 23 September 2019

Real Property-Paulo Zagami -Attorney in Rome and representative of Amcham Italy

Emigration to U.S. and Becoming a U.S. Citizen-Antonietta Branaccio-Balzano-Attorney in Stuart, Florida, NIABA Member

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Complex Commerical Litigation-Fillippo Frigerio- Attorney in Rome, Portolano-Cavalli Studio Legale

Italian Tort Law-Claudio Ceriani-Attorney from Milan

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Will, Intestacy, Spouse and Child Statutory Share- Raimondo Zagami Esq.-Notary in Rome

Here's how political communication changes in the age of big-data and Artificial Intelligence, Comin & Partners Managing Partners in Milan Lelio Alfonso says

ROMA, (MERCURPRESS.IT) - "Speed and amount of information are the assets on which all communication today relies, not just political communication. It is clear that having millions of items available in a few seconds leads to an uncommon work of analysis, evaluation and strategy. But in the same way, these opportunities raise the ethical - as well as legal - issue of data management, a targeted but not aggressive use, the need to identify the target without considering public opinion as sheeps to be tampered with or deceived. ". So stated Lelio Alfonso, managing partner of the Comin & Partners Milan office, interviewed by Soft Power, the Institutional Relations blog.

Graduated in Political Science at the University of Genoa, Lelio Alfonso, began his career as a journalist, initially at the Corriere Mercantile, then at the Gazzetta di Parma, of which he was deputy director from 1997 to 2005. He was general director of the Presidency of the Council for Institutional and International Communication and later senior advisor and consultant to many Italian companies, public and private (including Eni, Agi, Rai, Cnf). He was also director of public affairs and external relations for RCS Mediagroup from 2010 to 2013. He has been senior advisor for Esselunga media relations since 2014. A university lecturer and essayist, he has edited various volumes dedicated to economics, institutional relations and politics, an area for which he has followed electoral campaigns and communication strategies.

Today, in his position as Managing Partner of the strategic consulting firm Comin & Partners, the head of the Milan office, he offers the agency's important clients his extensive experience in the field of communication, institutional relations and relations with the media.

Relationships between Italy and world governance explained in a book by Riccardo Pilat

ROMA, Tuesday, July 30, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - In this essay, published by Historica Edizioni with the preface by Pino Bicchielli, Riccardo Pilat has tried to develop an overview of the European and international powers that influence the Italian nation.

This book is intended to make readers reflect on the various social crises within the historical context of Europe, resulting precisely from the emptiness of language, always changing. A considerable part of the book was dedicated to all the main countries that shape international politics: the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and, of course, Italy.

The author, a law student at the University of Trieste, is the founder of the International Meeting "Idee per il XXI Secolo" and coordinator of the Cultural Circle of the association Das Andere Trieste.

Contributor for geopolitical magazines such as "Formiche" and "Mitteleuropa", he is at his first essay.

An interview with Italian journalist Anna La Rosa

ROMA, Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Graduated in Philosophy and Pedagogy, parliamentary journalist, author and anchorwoman of successful television programs for the Italian national broadcaster, Anna La Rosa is now managing partner of yourNEXT, communication factory of YOURgroup, the first and largest Italian organization of fractional executive.

"Journalism is one of the most fascinating professions - she said when interviewed by colleague Carmelo Cutuli for Soft Power, the Italian blog of institutional relations - it is a continuous search for news to be rigorously verified and then able to communicate effectively to public opinion. Treating information more effectively and making use of it to make decisions in a complex context such as the one we are experiencing today. I remember a definition by Bill Gates: the most effective way to differentiate yourself from a competitor is to excel in terms of information, the success comes from how you collect, analyze and use the information."

"Managing relations with institutions is an articulated activity that requires interdisciplinary skills. I don't think anyone knows how to communicate better than a serious and passionate journalist and nobody knows how to handle the delicate world of social media with care.
As a journalist, I have been very committed to making complex issues such as politics, economics and medicine easy to understand: my intense life of relationships has accustomed me to understanding the complexity of problems and has put me in touch with people of extraordinary value"."

"AI and social networks are an invaluable resource for humanity, but care must be taken not to misuse. University professor Francesco Pira says

ROMA, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Interviewed by Soft Power, the Italian Blog of Public Affairs (, the sociologist and professor of communication and journalism at the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations at the University of Messina, Francesco Pira, warned against an improper use of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, because the algorithms on which it is based can alter the perception of reality.

"The power of the algorithm - declared Professor Pira - modifies the perception of reality, alters the congnitive bias on the basis of which I define the frame and attribute truthfulness to the contents to which I am exposed. This creates a manipulation that has deep effects on the cultural and cognitive models of individuals distorting the mechanisms of building trust and credibility. The polarization of public opinion generates violence and fear and crystallizes opinions and positions, making the work of debucking and reconstructing credibility based on the search for objective truth difficult. Bauman himself points out that modernization has led to the prevalence of economic democracy over the democracy of culture, transforming it into a mass industrialized market for culture, thus taking away tools for interpretation and reducing more and more the space for the creation of a collective culture in favor of a "cultural" consumerism, as a result of the breakdown of social ties, of content increasingly "bite and run".

"The social networks era - continues Pira - has changed the language and the management of interpersonal relations. Over the course of the day, we have many more social relationships than social ones. We have many tools at our disposal. And we adults are following the younger ones in the digitization of feelings, in the window dressing of any performance. We get to know each other in chat, we communicate through apps of all kinds. We need to document everything we do, every moment, with an almost frantic rhythm. We look for listening, friendship and love on social networks. We hope that someone will share our post, a thought, a maxim, a photo. We wait for the like or the little heart. It is the full gratification of what we have written or thought about, or even copied. Words are increasingly replaced by images. Before, friends were told what had happened, what they felt, emotions, quarrels, today it almost seems that if you do not produce a story on Instagram to document what we are doing or happened, we are not credible or recognizable.

A meticulous scholar of the works and thought of Zygmunt Bauman, Professor Pira met the Polish sociologist, philosopher and academician personally on many occasions. "I had listened to him many times. I have read all his books, I have seen all his television interviews. He is undoubtedly one of the authors most cited in my texts together with the fathers of sociology. He was one of the very few smokers with whom I shared (passive smoking) more cigarettes in my life considering the time spent together. Of course I didn't always share his thoughts, but I found every one of his reflections to be the result of in-depth study. Each of his phrases had a reference "link", and generated further insights and new research. Today he joined his beloved wife: this will make him happy. To us who have studied and esteemed him, he leaves an unbridgeable void. I jealously guard one of his books with dedication. He deals with the theme of identity like few others have been able to do.

The full interview is available at

Italiana: Clarissa Burt and Rita Romano's natural recipe book is out

ROMA, (MERCURPRESS.IT) - The book "Italiana. Gluten-free natural cuisine" by Clarissa Burt and Rita Romano for EIFIS Editore is available in bookstores from today. You can buy the book from Amazon now by clicking here

Over 50 recipes, all Italian, from appetizer to dessert, simple and affordable for everyone, to bring to the table all the goodness of Italian cuisine with the lightness of gluten-free. Recipes suitable for families: bruschetta, pasta, soups, risottos, focaccia and delicious desserts.

A fine selection of gluten-free recipes that do not preclude the taste, texture and appearance. Many recipes also vegetarian and vegan to be able to satisfy every request. Directly from Hollywood a healthy, light and 100% Made in Italy cuisine.

Clarissa Burt is an actress/producer/director, writer, author, public speaker and model, with hundreds of television and film credits. She began her modeling career at 18 with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in Manhattan. She moved to Milan where she immediately appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines including Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. He has shown on the most important catwalks in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York and Japan. She has been the face of important cosmetic companies including: Revlon, Dior, Carita, Helena Rubenstein.

She has starred in over 20 films including "La Storia Infinita parte II" by Warner Bros and "Caruso Pascosky di Padre Polacco" of Italian production. In 1999 he founded the "Clarissa Burt Media Group", producer of various television programs including the national live broadcast of "Miss Universe" "I Laureus World Sports Awards", "Quizzauto" and "Behind the scenes with the Miss".

Also on the radio, his show "Clarissa Burt Talks" was a great success on Voice America and World Talk Radio. Beauty Editor for international magazines such as The LA Fashion Magazine, Fashion Faces, and Runway.

Co-author of the best sellers "The Rise", "Off the Coast of Zanzibar" and "Stickability" with Greg S. Reid and is presented in the book "Women without Barriers" by Dolores Seright. Women's advocate: In 2016 Clarissa launched T.E.N. The Envelopment Network Media for Women - Clarissa has now launched her brand on QVC in Europe.

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