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Ahmet Budan new CEO of Todini Costruzioni Generali Spa

ROMA, Wednesday, November 13, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Mr. Ahmet Budan, an established building contractor in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as a long-standing partner of Todini, was appointed new managing director of Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A. during the meeting of the new Board of Directors. Fabio Foglia, technical director with strong international experience, and Dr. Massimiliano Aprea, expert accountant and statutory auditor.
Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A., a historic general construction company that has been active on the Italian and foreign markets since the 1950s, has been owned since 2016 by Prime System KZ, a Kazakh holding company that owns several companies in Kazakhstan and around the world and is active in the construction, mining and logistics sectors.
Through the introduction of new management and strategic partnerships, the property aims at a strong national and international relaunch of Todini in the coming years.
With a clear change in management within the company, which once again aims to give centrality to production and development, the property aims first of all to restart production in the Central Asian yards, and then to lead the company to new international successes.
"I would like to thank Luisa Todini on behalf of Prime System and the new board of directors, for having served as Honorary Chairman of Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.a., making them shine thanks to the important name of their father. It will be the task of the new management to give credit to the memory of Franco Todini, restoring centrality to the production and development of new orders and successfully completing all the work already undertaken by the company, which was suffering setbacks due to the errors of the previous management. I wish our company a successful future," said Mr. Ahmet Budan at the time of his inauguration, who also wanted us to point out that the doors of the company will always be open to members of the Todini family.

London Stock Exchange Group's Elite Initiative Announces Cleveland, Ohio as the Future Site of Elite Americas Headquarters

ROMA, Friday, November 1, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - ELITE, in collaboration with Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted and JobsOhio, announced that Cleveland, Ohio will serve as the home of its Americas headquarters. ELITE is London Stock Exchange Group's (LSEG) international business support initiative for ambitious, private, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Cleveland headquarters will provide mid-market companies in the Americas with access to the skills and networks to help them scale up and reach the next stage of growth.
It was also revealed at today's second annual ELITE Day that Cleveland will host Global ELITE Day 2020. This will be the first time ELITE's international conference of companies and advisors will take place outside of Europe. The event today also marked the graduation of the first cohort of ELITE U.S.A. companies, all of which are from Ohio.
Currently, there are over 1,200 businesses and 400 advisors and investors from across 43 countries and 34 sectors in the ELITE network. In aggregate, they employ over 500,000 people and generate more than $95 billion in revenues. Companies in the ELITE program historically have experienced seven times the growth and created four times more jobs than their industry peers.
"We're proud of the partnership Ohio has formed with the ELITE program and look forward to the growth opportunities this collaboration opens up for businesses," said Lt. Governor Jon Husted. "Governor DeWine and I are excited to have Cleveland be the host of the ELITE Program's first ever American headquarters, which will create Ohio jobs and further solidify our already strong relationship."
The ELITE Americas headquarters -- expected to open its doors Q1 2020 -- will support the state's ambitious mid-market companies through providing access to the skills and networks to accelerate their growth, creating new jobs and ultimately driving economic prosperity.
"Building on ELITE's collaboration with JobsOhio, we are delighted to announce that ELITE will establish its Americas headquarters in Cleveland," said Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE. "Cleveland is the ideal location for ELITE with its long-standing history of institutional investment, concentration of SMEs, strong educational institutions, and supportive and welcoming business community. We warmly congratulate the nine Ohio companies and the City of Athens, who are the first U.S. companies to graduate from ELITE's training program."
"As a G-20 endorsed global business, ELITE could have chosen anywhere in the United States for its Americas headquarters, and it chose Cleveland, " said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and chief investment officer. "This investment decision builds on a partnership established when ELITE first entered the Americas market through Ohio in 2018, and demonstrates the positive experience it had in Cleveland, with its long standing institutional investment history, one of the largest concentration of private small and midmarket companies in the country, and a supportive and welcoming business community."
JobsOhio supports economic growth in Ohio through its innovative and agile approach. Last December, nine Ohio companies and the city of Athens, Ohio, were selected to join the first U.S. cohort of the ELITE initiative. Together, ELITE and JobsOhio selected companies from Ohio, through a year-long program, to provide their management teams with a unique network of support to help them scale up.

NetworkPr, the Italian network of independent public relations, is launched

ROMA, Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - NetworkPr is the new Italian network of independent PRs created by Manuela Popolizio, Isella Marzocchi, Laura Mottura and Katia Cilia, all professionals working in the field of public relations between Milan, Turin, Verona and Bologna.

The four founders operate in the communication sector, embracing several sectors - from food&wine to beauty, from lifestyle to design, from luxury to hospitality and automotive - which are aimed at a common goal: to network skills and experience, activating their resources on the basis of requests. Consequently, they reject the logic of competition in favour of sharing and exchanging ideas, tools and expertise.

NetworkPr deals with corporate and product communication, press office, events, editorial projects and sponsorship with regard to the offline area. It also draws up online communication plans, designs and manages newsletters, monitors brand reputation and produces videos and podcasts, as well as managing social profiles for companies and brands and developing web content.

It is therefore a smart-up that aims to create alliances and develop collaborative intelligence through the development of communication plans and events, but also formulation of content and creation of consensus, whether for a company or a brand, a product or an event.

Protection of Property: Italy is still behind The risks could increase with the Belt and Road initiative Says experts

ROMA, (MERCURPRESS.IT) - The International Property Rights Index 2019 (International Index on the Protection of Property Rights) is presented today in Manila. The study carried out by the Property Rights Alliance, measures how property is protected in over 129 countries and includes data covering 98 percent of world GDP and 93 percent of the population. Italy is far from the other G7 countries and ranks in forty-sixth place overall, after Bahrain and Jordan, with a final score of 6.1 out of 10. The gap between Italy and the top-ranking member states is extensive. Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia, which occupy the top spaces, all have a score above 8.5. The G7 countries on average achieved a score of 7.9. The index consists of 3 main aspects, aside from overall score, concerning the "political and legal system", the "protection of physical rights" and the "protection of intellectual rights". Italy is inadequate in the first item, especially with regard to political stability, the efficiency of civil justice, and the high levels of perceived corruption. In the other two categories Italy is sufficient, but still comparatively low. Despite the slight improvement from last year, new problems could arise with Italy’s entry into the Belt and Road Initiative, write experts from in the case study carried out for IPRI 2019. The ‘Made in Italy’ label, in fact, is penalized by the competition of unfair and counterfeit products, which mostly come from China and Hong Kong. In 2016 the loss suffered by Italian companies due to fake Made in Italy products was 24 billion euros or 3.2% of the total market. The opening of a new "Silk Road" could worsen this phenomenon, making Italy a point of transit for new counterfeit goods to Europe, thus damaging local businesses. "Property rights - declared Pietro Paganini, President of - are a key indicator of economic success and political stability, and a fundamental component of innovation. It is no coincidence, that the top of this special index has for years been comprised of the most innovative countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, the United States, Singapore and Switzerland ”. "Italy is once again distanced from other Western countries - states the Director of and author of the case study, Giacomo Bandini - with the entry into the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, the risks for property right violations concerning the made in Italy label increase. Before continuing with the agreement, it is necessary to establish solid property protection standards with China and to agree on activities to combat counterfeiting, which causes 24 billion euros worth of losses for Italy and its companies ”. To see the Executive Summary of the International Property Rights Index 2019 click here:

2019 edition of B Heroes, the acceleration programme for innovative startups based in Italy, kicks off

ROMA, Monday, October 14, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) -
The 2019 edition of B Heroes, the acceleration program for innovative startups based in Italy created by lm Foundation, kicks off. This year's edition, with more than a thousand startups involved, has exceeded the numbers of previous seasons of the program added together. There are therefore 1,000 pre-selected companies, with a calendar of over 500 meetings in the local stages. Between 2017 and 2018 52 startups were then chosen to participate in the course, which involved over 400 experts, including entrepreneurs, mentors and champions of innovation. The final phase will decide the best companies that will be able to access the program. This year the investments available for the startups that will be included in the acceleration program will be over a million euros. On the occasion of the events scheduled in the area, the young companies will meet a team of entrepreneurs, managers and business angels specialized in the selection of startups to support in the path of growth. Participants will have the opportunity to present their projects to the selectors through dedicated moments of confrontation during which the selectors will evaluate the companies expressing an opinion on a scale from 1 to 5, paying particular attention to: team, strategy, marketing, scalability and impact of projects. Intesa Sanpaolo, which has always been a leading player in research and innovation initiatives, is supporting the B Heroes programme for the third year, facilitating the meeting between innovative SMEs and mature companies, and the exchange between supply and demand for innovation and new technologies. The next stages of the selection roadshow will be: Padua, 15 October; Naples, 16 October; Como, 18 October; Rome, 21 October; Bologna, 23 October; Turin, 28 October; Milan, 30 October.

Niccolò Quattrini (Affidaty): Italy is a great and competitive country for doing business

ROMA, (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Interviewed by Startupper Magazine, Niccolò Quattrini, National and International Relations Manager of Affidaty SpA, when asked "It is said that crises, in this case economic crises, always hide opportunities for change. Does he see any opportunities to be seized in the current Italian context?", he replied: "Italy is a fantastic country that is constantly testing itself, the opportunities are at the centre of our efforts, we are a people of true innovators and we can consider ourselves to be excellent in many sectors. It is no coincidence that "Made in Italy" is a very important brand on a global level. The biggest challenge for those facing a "strong" and apparently negative period is not to be overwhelmed by the crisis and not to allow the same to influence the arrival of the flourishing period or not to recognize it. This word "crisis" really hides within it a synonym called opportunity, first of all because these periods allow us to reflect on ourselves and on who we are. "During these periods - continued Quattrini - we must examine the situation, identifying the changes that characterize the crises, because each one has its own reasons and usually involve excessive speculation in a particular sector or in certain market segments. What is necessary to observe when they manifest themselves is precisely their sectoral origin and, therefore, to retrace the steps that have led to that condition, learning what to have to and not have to do to circumvent it, changing segment or leading sector. One of the most useful ways of circumventing this condition may be, for example, to reassess our objectives and find new solutions to solve old or new problems.

In Catania starts the renaissance of Sicilian enterprises

ROMA, Friday, September 27, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Catania, once called 'the Milan of Southern Italy' and more recently the seat of the Etna Valley, the Italian Silicon Valley based on the Etna Technological Pole, cyclically relaunches itself as the industrial laboratory of Sicily.

Of course, the present-day situation does not seem to be as brilliant as in the past, but the 'weak signals' of a techno-industrial recovery are all there and this time it seems that the economic 'renaissance' of the Etnean City also involves, and in an important way, the province and in particular the Ionian-Etnean area where, alongside lemons and prickly pears, startups of the highest technological level are increasingly emerging.

To confirm the effervescence of the territory, which has always been one of the most fertile in economic terms in Sicily, will be held on October 5, 2019, at the SAL - Spazio Avanzamento Lavori (Via Indaco, 23) in Catania a day of work on the theme "Sicily, a company with special status", organized by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori di Catania with the patronage of the regional Confindustria.

The event will bring together at the 'table of development' next island, the heads of regional and local institutions, Confindustria regional and representatives of business realities in the area, especially young entrepreneurs and startuppers.

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