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Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald: We have innovative technology, it must also be implemented immediately at Consulates

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ROMA, Monday, April 23, 2018 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - "The European Commission has recently released the new security package to ensure greater control on the territory of the Union and at its borders. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs has also indicated Italy as the least in line with the most advanced systems of identity protection.

Although I certainly agree with the address to abandon paper identity documents as soon as possible, this is an obvious weakness of the identity protection system. However, I would like to confirm that Italy is, instead, among the most advanced countries in the adoption of biometric security documents such as the electronic passport, the electronic residency permit and the new electronic identity card.

I think it is very appropriate, therefore, to propose Italy as an example to be followed also by the other European countries. I confirm in this new legislature all my commitment to ensure that the digital development of the State progresses with the aim of affirming the security, the rationalization of public administration costs and the improvement of services to our fellow countrymen, including abroad. The technology, certainly, can also help to secure the vote in the Foreign Circumscription. So declared Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, Member of the Italian Parliament elected in the North and Central America Division of the Foreign Circumscription in a note sent today to the press.


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