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The Basilicata Region joins the MMCO Committee

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ROMA, Thursday, June 7, 2018 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - In preparation of the Forum on the Macro-region of the Central-Western Mediterranean, important new members  have joined the promoting committee.

The two new names are those of Cristina Florenzano, PhD researcher at the Marconi University of Rome and member of the office of the special secretariat of the President of the Region of Basilicata, Marcello Pittella, and Elio Manti (Director General of the Programming Department of the Region of Basilicata).

The Central-Western Mediterranean Macroregion is based on a multilevel governance structure that, by overcoming territorial limits, guarantees the participation of regional, local and citizens authorities in European and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation policies for culture, environmental protection, scientific research, innovation, energy systems, territorial connectivity, sustainable urban mobility, and therefore the socio-economic development of the southern land and of the coastal countries of the central-western Mediterranean.


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