A more comprehensive information campaign could have helped Italian entrepreneurs to benefit more from CETA

This morning at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, lawyers from NCTM law firm Paolo Quattrocchi and Bernard O'Connor participated as speakers in the seminar "Canada: between new health regulations and trade agreements", organized by Assolatte, the Italian Dairy Association.

The conference dealt with the forms of protection of GIs in Canada and product labelling, in view of the CETA and the recent EU and national legislation that have an impact on Italian entrepreneurs in the food sector in general and dairy sector in particular.

Attorneys Quattrocchi and O'Connor discussed "The coexistence of geographical indications and trademarks: how cheese labelling changes in Canada".

"It is not that the agreement cannot be critical - said Paolo Quattrocchi, director of Centro Studi Italia Canada - but we are appreciating very encouraging results in the first year of provisional implementation of CETA. Of course, much more could have been done if, in addition to the critical observations, the concrete interests of Italian exporters had been taken into consideration, ensuring that the various components of our expo were properly trained and put in a condition to make use of the instrument that, anyway, was at their disposal.

"We still have some time - continued Quattrocchi - both to make the additions that are requested, and to implement initiatives that, through training and information, allow not only the consolidation of the flattering results achieved but also and above all their further improvement, avoiding that European and non-European competitors, taking advantage of our distraction, if not apathy and lack of responsiveness, occupy market positions traditionally ours.

"Experience shows that for a country like Italy, economic agreements are suitable factors for creating development and growth, but only if we act accordingly and appropriately; otherwise, any economic agreement, in itself, is not able, magically, to bring any benefit." has concluded Quattrocchi.


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