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The Vice President of the Sicilian Region Gaetano Armao replied to Vittorio Feltri

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ROMA, Sunday, December 23, 2018 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - The Vice President and Councillor for Economics of the Sicilian Government Region, Gaetano Armao, is not in agree with the image of Sicily painted "as an emblem of the land and home of corruption and waste" and answers through his Facebook profile to the director of Libero Quotidiano, journalist Vittorio Feltri.

Armao calls Feltri to his responsibilities in order of an article -in particular- entitled "In the North no Autonomy ... to Sicily instead 2 billion".

"Some newcomers of federalism - writes Armao on his Facebook profile - must know that:
1) what the agreement with Rome recognizes us, the result of a long and difficult negotiation and which is continuing, is only the slightest part of what it takes to recover years of impoverishment of the Sicilians;
2) we the sicilians, have been federalists for some time, certainly since the Constitution of 1812 and even more so since that of 1848 even if for a symmetrical federalism, so we consider the differentiated regionalism of Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto an opportunity;
3) the approximate way of defining Sicily as 'sprecona' and 'sciamannata', may well respond to a known stereotype, but it is denied by Moody's and Standard&Poor's evaluations that have lowered the rating of many italian regions, including Feltri's one, and financial institutions but not that of Sicily for whose financial reorganization they have expressed appreciation;
4) the 2 billion € that emerge from the agreement are not a tip at all, meanwhile because they are directly related to the rights given by the Statuto Siciliano that is constitutional law, moreover they are not a financial transfer, but are made up of lower disbursements and higher revenues, and also reconnect to onerous financial commitments for Sicily (1 billion € contribution to the recovery of public finance for the three-year period, which can grow for exceptional needs);
5) Feltri can also illustrate to Libero's readers that for 2018, precisely because of the sacrifices of our citizens in recent years, we have lowered regional taxes and we will reduce them even more for foreigners who will be worth living in this paradise, with the operation #nuovisiciliani.

At the end of his post, Armao, invites the journalist to visit Sicily in person and realize for himself the different actual situation compared to the one he mistakenly painted, wishing him happy holidays.

"Dear Feltri, when you prefer the contumelia to the truth of the facts, mimicking the history of our land, and represent it to the citizens, it shows that it is not enough to suite as gentlemen to be so. In Sicily we really think we know something about this human condition.
Happy holidays also to mr.Feltri then, if you want to know more about what we do ... We wait for you on the island with open arms. Come, mr. Feltri and will easily change your mind, as befits intelligent people like you."


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