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In Italy there is no school parity, non-state schools are discriminated. Federica Picchi declares

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ROMA, Thursday, May 16, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - "In Italy, students are being discriminated, because of their financial situation, in their right to learn, as are families. In fact, the legal equality between parity schools and state schools, established by Law 62/2000, does not correspond to an effective economic equality, and families pay both for the tuition of the non-state school of their children, and for the costs of the school run by the State. Italy and Greece, in terms of freedom of education, are outside Europe. Federica Picchi, a candidate of the Fratelli d'Italia political party in the Central and North-West regions in the European elections, states this.

"No one remembers - continues Picchi - that it is the parents who have the right to "educate and educate their children" (art. 30 of the Constitution) and the right "to prioritize the choice of the type of education to be given to their children" (art. 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The European States are required to "respect the right of parents to provide in the field of education according to their religious and philosophical convictions" (art. 2 of the European Convention on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). It is evident, from all publicly available evidence, that only in Italy and Greece do we suffer from this real 'de facto' discrimination against those who choose or would like to choose non-state education".

"Among other things - points out PICCHI - parity schools save the State 6.3 billion euros a year. A pupil of the state public school costs the State 10 thousand euros per year, while a pupil attending the equal costs citizens, in taxes, only 480 euros. Unfortunately, economic inequality is slowly killing the non-state education system. They close 380 parity schools a year, and in three years the number of students has risen from one million to 879 thousand. At this rate will remain only state institutions, with the burden of the state structure already very tired, and a few non-state schools with very high fees: a serious vulnus to the freedom of choice of families and the Constitution. In Europe I will also fight to heal this all-Italian injustice".

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