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An interview with Italian journalist Anna La Rosa

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ROMA, Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (MERCURPRESS.IT) - Graduated in Philosophy and Pedagogy, parliamentary journalist, author and anchorwoman of successful television programs for the Italian national broadcaster, Anna La Rosa is now managing partner of yourNEXT, communication factory of YOURgroup, the first and largest Italian organization of fractional executive.

"Journalism is one of the most fascinating professions - she said when interviewed by colleague Carmelo Cutuli for Soft Power, the Italian blog of institutional relations - it is a continuous search for news to be rigorously verified and then able to communicate effectively to public opinion. Treating information more effectively and making use of it to make decisions in a complex context such as the one we are experiencing today. I remember a definition by Bill Gates: the most effective way to differentiate yourself from a competitor is to excel in terms of information, the success comes from how you collect, analyze and use the information."

"Managing relations with institutions is an articulated activity that requires interdisciplinary skills. I don't think anyone knows how to communicate better than a serious and passionate journalist and nobody knows how to handle the delicate world of social media with care.
As a journalist, I have been very committed to making complex issues such as politics, economics and medicine easy to understand: my intense life of relationships has accustomed me to understanding the complexity of problems and has put me in touch with people of extraordinary value"."

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